From a very young age, Javier quickly started developing great interest and skills in music. His passion for movies would eventually lead his professional career in Audiovisual Communication, graduating in 2008. At the same time, this would help him to improve creative abilities and support his talents with musical theory and piano with private lessons.


His first commitment came quite soon, a theatre play adaptation of the famous Discworld saga novel "Guards! Guards!" from Terry Pratchett, which earned him and co-composer Andrés de la Torre in 2005 a nomination for the Goldspirit / Jerry Goldsmith Awards, organized by the 2nd “Ciudad de Úbeda” Film Music International Congress in Úbeda (Jaen, Spain). In 2007 he co-worked again with Andrés in the animated horror flick "Going Nuts", the first movie ever to feature peanuts as characters, eventually awarded the Best Orignal Score in the Ateneo Coste Cero festival for its iconic themes, spooky atmosphere and trepidant action underscore.




Animation has been a specialty for Javier throughout his assignments, from small slapstick mini-series such as "Mad & Bad" or "El Viaje del Papel", to more mature drama swing in "Viejos Vecinos" or the animated short "Blue & Malone: Imaginary Eyes" from Abraham López, which opted to a nomination in the Spanish Academy "Goya Awards" for Best Animated Short Film in 2014, among other wins in several other festivals and countries.


His style has evolved and matured along the years, ranging from traditional symphonic music in documentaries such as "Top Dive Sites" with truly sweeping and gentle orchestral passages, to black comedies with a Jazzy vibe as "Clínica La Piadosa", or the more recent soft rock approach for the boxing drama "Andre Foster". Even a sympathy for horror thirillers has allowed him for experimentation with electronic rythms in "UIOP" or "Like You & Me".


Considered himself a versatile and persistent self-taught composer ready for challenging genres, he always searches for the best sound accompaniment to any media, as well as he crafts the most realistic performance available with the modern composer toolset today. All this putting a lot of heart and passion, and seeking great care and depth to the final mix for the best experience for viewer, and director.


© 2014 Javier López Vila